Aimago is an AI system that enables real-time processing and analysis of image data to optimize your workflow, forecast customer behaviour, and detect anomalies with precision.

The main steps of the process are data recording, data processing, and statistical analysis. Our system video records your business’s activities, processes the data in real time using image processing, machine learning, and other AI techniques, and analyses it. We produce various reports such as heat maps or statistical data based on our analysis.


Real-time assistant

Help your employees make better and faster decisions by informing them about various events and statuses recognised by our image processing software. Recruit it for yard management in your depots.


After processing the data, we can create custom statistical analyses and reports based on your requests. When enough data is collected, we can make confident predictions with machine learning to help your business run even smoother.

Heat Maps

Generate heat maps from processed data. Heat maps help visualise the time object has spent in certain areas of your facility. Use it to detect and prevent bottlenecks in your production.

Internet of Things

Aimago connects with other devices in your facilities in order to make even better assumptions about its environment. It can communicate with different sensors, machines, and computer systems as long as they are IoT-compatible.

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